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2015 Cirrus SR22T

with Perspective N522RK

Gen 5 with extra 200 pound payload and 5 seatbelts
Block Rate $339/hr (Dry)
Cirrus Perspective Avionics Suite
  • Synthetic Vision Technology
  • Dual WAAS GPS/Comm/Nav Radios
  • Dual ADHRS Computers
  • Keypad Controller
  • Garmin 12″ LCD Screens
  • XM Weather Datalink and Audio
  • Garmin Safe Taxi
  • Iridium Satellite Telephone

GFC700 Autopilot Including:

  • Perspective Electronic Stability and Protection (ESP)
  • Underspeed/Overspeed Autopilot Protection
  • Hypoxia Check/Automatic Descent Mode
  • Blue Level Button
  • Autopilot Stall Protection
  • Flight Director

Perspective Plus Package including:

  • Garmin Yaw Damper
  • Dual Air Data Computers
  • EVS Camera

Perspective Alerts, Awareness & Assistance Package Including:

  • Active Traffic Information
  • Enhanced Terrain Awareness (eTAWS terrain warning)
  • ChartView (Jeppesen Electronic Charts)

Certified Flight Into Known Ice Package Including:

  • TKS Ice Protection approved for Flight Into Known Ice (FIKI)
  • Dual Windshield Sprayers
  • Dual TKS Tanks with 8 gallon capacity
  • TKS Fluid Duration and Range Information

Factory Air Conditioning

Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS)

Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS)