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Custom-Tailor Your Private Pilot Training

Flightworks Flight Training’s Private Pilot course is an FAA-approved program that allows you to work at your own pace, in technically-advanced Cirrus aircraft, to complete your Private Pilot License.

All Instruction is conducted one-on-one with FAA certified high-time instructors, most former airline pilots.

Your training schedule is built around your needs — you can train any time of day, any day of the week, at your convenience.
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Image of dashboard controls inside a jet at night
Cirrus jet pilot flying

Time requirements

The minimum requirements to earn your Private Pilot License, as mandated by the FAA, are:
  • 40 hours of total flight time, including 10 hours of solo time and cross-country
  • Successful completion of an FAA written exam on related material
  • Successful completion of an Oral exam and flight test with an FAA examiner
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The Syllabus

At Flightworks, you will train in three- to four-hour blocks:
Ground School
Aircraft Pre-Flight
Flight Time
Post-Flight Debriefing
Plane simulator cockpit

Ground School

  • Lift
  • How An Aircraft Flies
  • Airspace
  • Weather
  • GPS Navigation
  • Flight Planning
  • Radio Communication
  • Much More
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Instructional aircraft

All flying time is conducted in a Cirrus SR22T aircraft, for these reasons:
  • The Cirrus is a state-of-the-art training aircraft, with safety features and instrumentation that’s on the leading edge of flight training technology.
  • The Cirrus’ computer-based cockpit now sets the standard for flight training, and allows you to learn the skills and techniques you will need to fly the new generation of private aircraft — Technically Advanced Aircraft.
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  • Ground and Flight Instruction time: $105 per hour.
  • Aircraft Rental: $349 - $389 per hour (dry), depending on aircraft chosen.
  • Please call for more detailed information (480-305-0911).
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Image of dashboard controls inside a jet

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