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Advanced Flight Simulation

Flightworks Scottsdale is one of the few places in the nation to offer a Cirrus Cockpit Flight Simulator with an accurate flow and Buttonology experience.
The simulator at Flightworks is an FAA-Approved professional training device using real buttons and knobs. This means you are not forced to use a distracting touchscreen or have your view obscured by clumsy overlays. Cirrus-accurate real buttons and knobs allow you to develop muscle memory and actual workflow patterns that are important for practicing all types of flight procedures.
PER THE TERMS OF CERTIFICATION, THE REALSIMGEAR BATD PRODUCTS ALLOW FOR:§ 61.51(b)(3) – Logbook entries§ 61.51(h) – Logging training time§ 61.57(c)(2) – Instrument experience§ 61.65(i) – Instrument rating: not more than 10 hours§ 61.109(k)(1) – Private Pilot Certificate aeronautical experience: up to 2.5 hours§ 141.41(b) – Approved for use under the part 141 appendices as follows:Appendix B – Up to 15% towards the total Private Pilot training time requirementsppendix C – Up to 25% toward the total Instrument training time requirements

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